Cobra Fatty Freeway Bars - Chrome - 1-12 Inch - Suzuki C109R Boulevard 08 - Newer - 2350

Practical and beautiful,these stunning Fatty Freeway Bars provide not only a classical stylish look for your Suzuki C109R,but also piece of mind in knowing that there is something solid between you,your motorcycle and the ground. Freeway bars provide additional safety plus a place to mount highway pegs or additional lighting. Add a set of freeway bars to your Boulevard today.Who says size does not matter Cobra Fatty Freeway Bars use supermassive inchandahalf steel tubing for the most impressive look ever. Plus,they offer a greater level of protection in the case of an accidental parkinglot or garage tipover. The Fatty Freeway Bars work perfectly with all Cobra lightbars,floorboards and accessories.
Price: 212.98