Cobra Fi2000 Tri-Pot Digital Fuel Processor - Vulcan 1500 Drifter - Not for use in California - 0945

New and Improved for 2004. The Fi2000 digital fuel processor was the best in the business. But Cobra wanted to make it even better. So they did. Like before,this tiny,foolproof device makes fuelinjected motorcycles tuneable with no computer downloads or remapping required. Each unit arrives preset for your particular motorcycle. Now Theyve added a third tuning pot that allows tuners more adjustability for engines with significant performance modifications. Of course,if your bike has no modifications beyond an aftermarket exhaust and air cleaner,it can still take advantage of the new threepot Fi2000. The new model has a sleek,updated case design for its waterproof circuit board. The Fi2000 improves your bikes overall rideability by solving lean airfuel mixtures. And it retains its simple installation with colorcoded,precrimped wiresconnectors and its easytofollow instructions. The Fi2000 is a modern day miracle in the world of fuelinjected motorcycles,and a testament to Cobras mantra that Anythings Possible.
Price: 169.98