Cobra Fi2000R Fuel Controller CA ARB Model - Honda Fury,VT1300 Interstate 10 - newer - 1633-50

This model is for California residents ARB E.O. D6331. Cobra FI2000R takes the worry out of tuning your fuelinjected cruiser. Plug and ride with OEM connectors.The Fi2000R ARB units are model specific and arrive preset for each bike. Each uses OEMstyle connectors for easy installation. Like the Fi2000R available in the other 49 states,the Fi2000R ARB corrects for lean air fuel mixtures under acceleration and load,and at full throttle applications. To meet California standards it does not,however,adjust for those conditions while in cruise mode. Nor does it allow the user to adjust the unit in any way. Additional Fi2000ARB features: Increases overall performance by optimizing lean airfuel mixtures. Improves rideability by smoothing out the power band and giving better throttle response. Instantaneous fuel delivery the moment you open the throttle. Virtually eliminates backfiring on deceleration. Model specific for even easier installation and settings. Quick and simple installation with plug and ride technology uses OEM style connectors. No complicated fuel map adjustments or computer downloads required. No dyno testing needed. Easytofollow,stepbystep instructions included. California residents should purchase the Fi2000R ARB,which is approved for sale in California. ARB E.O. No. D6331
Price: 203.98