Cobra Fi2000R Fuel Management System - Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic - 1968-50

California Legal VersionDue to stringent emissions requirements,most modern day motorcycles arrive from the factory with lean airfuel settings. Once a rider installs an aftermarket exhaust system or air filter,the engine flows more air,potentially leaning out the mixture even more than the stock settings. This can lead to conditions such as overheating,backfiring on deceleration,hesitation on acceleration,or an uneven idle. Unfortunately,most motorcyclists seem confused about how to correct lean airfuel mixtures when it comes to fuel injected engines. The California Fi2000R comes preset for your bike model and is not adjustable.California Specific Version Features: Sturdy case with internal circuit board sealed in rubber Case slides into a protective thick rubber mounting sleeve Easy mounting and simple set up Preset for each make and model No computer downloads required Improves throttle response and overall rideabilityAll Cobra products are made in the USA
Price: 203.98